J naturals is an organic skincare line created in Vancouver, BC. At Jspa we believe skincare products should be food for your skin. What goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body, which is why the Jnaturals skincare line is: 100% Pure, 100% Organic, 100% Raw and 100% Amazing.

J naturals is like a Raw food Diet for your Skin. Let J Naturals feed your skin with wholesome goodness and only the highest quality oils to help you love the Skin you are in. Guaranteed results naturally.  Its that amazing



Microderm Polisher - 50 ml  $48

Use this amazing scrub to renew , regenerate skin and rid of any congestion.  A MUST have in your beauty regime, as its one of our biggest anti-aging products.  

Use 2 times per week on clean skin.  Apply pee size amount , add H2O and lots of circles, rinse off in shower or use a face cloth to remove.

ingredients: ground pumice, ground apricot, white clay, vitamin C powder, vegetable glycerin, orange blossom water, carrot tissue oil , almond oil, and essential oil :  rose geranium.



Orange Blossom Tonic - 50ml  $25 / 100 ml refill $42

Fragrant neroli oil  and lavender revive the skin with refreshing orange blossom water. Tonics are far more useful than you think. Hydrates, awakens the skin and prepares it to receive our exotic elixir serums and face nectar cream. Also sets mineral makeup and awakens your skin and senses any time throughout the day. Spray, breath and enjoy!

ingredients:  orange blossom water, neroli essential oil, lavender essential oil



Youth Elixir Serum – 25ml $55 / 50ml $90

This new Elixir has over 19 ingredients to give your skin the ultimate nutrition to brighten, repair and replenish skin with these amazing botanical oils.  These oils have been chosen from different sources around the world , and provide you with the best quality oils to give you that Youthful Glow.  Lighter texture from the Repair Serum but if you use both of these in your regime your skin will thank you.  Best used morning and night under Face Nectar cream for BEST results.

The amazing ingredients are: evening primrose oil, rosehip seed, argan oil, camelia oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil Essential oils of: lavender, geranium, rose, jasmine, roman chamomile, sweet basil, juniper berry & clary sage


Balance Elixir - 25ml $49 / 50ml $80

This divine serum gives a lift to stressed, tired skin. This nutrient rich face serum helps deliver anti-oxidants, proteins and nourishment essential for fresh, healthy skin. Rebalances combination skin.  Great for men too!!  Apply 2-3 pumps into hands and massage into skin morning and night under Skin Nectar Cream for best results.

ingredients: jojoba oil, argan oil, unrefined avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil, rose hip seed oil,essential oils of: neroli and sandalwood


Purify Elixir - 25ml $55 / 50ml $90

This exotic blend, helps balance, calm, kill bacteria and give oily to problem skin exactly what it needs to look its best.  Neem oil from India will clear up your complexion while exotic ylang ylang balances out oil secretions and jojoba will hydrated and carrot to vitaminize.  Best blend ever.  And it works. Apply 2-3 pumps and massage into skin  in morning and night under Face nectar or cream recommended by Jspa

ingredients:  jojoba oil, neem oil, argan oil, ylang ylang essential oil, clary sage essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, vitamin E oil


Repair Elixir Serum – 25ml $55 / 50ml $90  ( J Natural spa #1 product)

This serum will repair, revitalize , nourish and stimulate circulation leaving skin glowing, more radiant, youthful and full of goodness. This blend will deliver all the ingredients you need to look your best and feel good, must use under nectar face cream, morning and night. 2-3 squirts in your hands and massage into face/ neck and around eyes.

ingredients: jojoba oil, camelia seed oil, green tea unfusion,  sesame oil,  rose hip seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, carrot tissue oil, vitamin E oil, bulgarian rose essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, jasmine essential oil


Coffee Eye Serum (25ml) – $68

This amazing elixir of ingredients, nourishes eye area, rids of puffyness and dark circles, while diminishes crows feet, boosts skin density and leaves skin radiant. All this secret ingredients makes this the BEST eye product ever. Use one pump, morning and night around both eyes, massage into crow feet and enjoy as a under eye highlighter after you apply makeup.

ingredients: jojoba oil, camelia seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, argan oil, carrot tissue oil,seaweed extract,  vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil, coffee essential oil, frankincense essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil




Face Nectar - $60  ( J Natural spa #1 Cream )

This nectar is so repairing, healing, and re-balancing. Good for all skin types.  Calendula for soothing,  evening primrose for hormone balancing and comfrey for circulation.  Most amazing cream ever you wont use anything else.  Use a small amount, massage in your hands and apply all over face, eye area and neck.  

ingredients: rose water, evening primrose oil, calendula oil, argan oil, comfrey oil,  rose hip seed oil, carrot seed essential oil, vegetable glycerine , vitamin E oil, french lavender essential oil, bulgarian rose essential oil, beeswax.